NanoBio Imaging Laboratory33

We develop innovative label-free nanobio imaging instruments for new investigation of biointerfaces and bionanomaterials such as 1) non-linear coherent anti-stokes Raman 3D imaging spectroscopy, 2) bio-SIMS imaging of cells and tissues, 3) ambient live cell imaging mass spectrometry using fs laser and atmospheric non-thermal plasma, 4) medium energy ion scattering for nano analysis of biointerfaces and materials. These new techniques will be the basis of the nanobio imaging multimodality for new understanding of neural signaling, neuron aging, neuronal cell membrane especially synaptic interface structure and dynamics, and the initial growth stage of biomaterials.
Especially, we will focus on innovative molecular level investigations of signaling between neuron cells and neuron aging mechanism for contributions of overcoming degenerative neuronal disease which is the critical problem in the rapidly aging global society. Non-linear Raman 3D imaging and atmospheric mass spectrometric imaging techniques will be developed to in-vivo imaging endoscopies for medical diagnosis and pre-clinical animal drug screening, which will be a core of future innovative medical industries.

Advisor Professor : Moon, Daewon
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