CBRG(Complex Biology Research Group)99

Complex biology is a new paradigm in biology; many of biological phenomena can be understood as emergent properties and behaviors that arise from the biological complex system. Complex biology lab is striving to understand how complex webs of direct and indirect interactions of various molecules such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and small molecules (metabolites, lipids) have developed, how the interactions are performed in the cell, and how the spatial and temporal interactions underlie the emergent biological processes. At higher levels, we are also questioning how cells, organs, and organisms are interacting to form the biological complex system. The major questions in the complex biology lab are how time is incorporated into aging process along lifespan and how aging process is regulated at a systems level. The researches in the complex biology are composed of the following subjects 1) life history, aging, senescence and death in plants, 2) aging and anti-aging in animals and human, 3) comparative aging research in diverse kingdoms to reveal the aging mechanisms that are common and specific among species, 4) cross-kingdom interaction, especially between plants and animals, and 5) exciting and exploratory subjects including biochemistry at the micro- and nano-dimensions, intracellular dynamics, biological computing, origin of life, and quantum biology. Notably, the complex biology lab is the unique lab in the world that studies the kingdom-wide comparative aging research.

Advisor Professor : Nam, Hong Gil / Lim, Pyung Ok / Woo, Hye Ryun
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