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Model-based automated validation techniques for automotive embedded systems

Model-based automated validation techniques for automotive embedded systems
Kum, D.[Kum, Dae Hyun]Son, J.[Son, Joon Woo]Lee, S.[Lee, Seon Bong]Wilson, I.[Wilson, Ivan D.]Lee, W.[Lee, Woo Taik]
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Kum, D.[Kum, Dae Hyun]Son, J.[Son, Joon Woo]Lee, S.[Lee, Seon Bong]
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Architectural ModelingAutomated TestAutomatic GenerationAutomatic Test GenerationAutomatic Test Pattern GenerationAutomationAutomotive Embedded SystemsCycle TimeDatabase ManagementEmbedded SystemsExecution SystemsModel-Based TestModel Based ApproachModel Based DevelopmentModeling PhasisProduct Life CyclesSoftware TestingSystem ModelingTarget HardwareTarget SystemsTest AutomationTest CaseTest ManagementValidation Capability
Model-based approaches can improve quality and reduce cycle time by simulating the models to perform early validation of requirements. These approaches can provide automated validation techniques by generating test cases from the model. This paper describes model-based automated test techniques in all phases of the product life cycle to maximize the early validation capabilities of model-based development processes. The paper proposes a model-based test process framework for all modeling phases including system modeling, architectural modeling and auto-generated software. The test automation technique consists of automatic test generation, execution and analysis. A Test Management System, which enables the automatic generation of requirement-based test cases, analysis of the test results and test database management, is developed through this study. In addition, an automatic target execution system, which comprises target hardware, simulation command transmission and target monitoring software, was developed to test the auto-generated ECU code on the real target system in the early stage. Copyright © 2007 SAE International.
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