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DC Field Value Language Ryu, Jin-Hyeok ko Lee, Ji-Won ko Yi, Changhwan ko Kim, Ji-Hwan ko Lee, In-Goo ko Go, Sung-Min ko Kim, Chil-Min ko 2017-07-11T07:32:08Z - 2017-05-08 - 2016 -
dc.identifier.citation 11th Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Pacific Rim, CLEO-PR 2015, v.3 -
dc.identifier.isbn 9780000000000 -
dc.identifier.uri -
dc.description.abstract A Reuleaux triangle microcavity is one of the curves having a constant width. We deform it asymmetrically and compute its ray and wave properties. As a result, we find a uni-directionally emitting mode at a single window. Here, we investigate the emission mechanism and characteristics depending on the deformation. © 2015 IEEE. -
dc.publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. -
dc.title Dynamical properties in asymmetric reuleaux triangle 2-D microcavity -
dc.type Conference -
dc.identifier.doi 10.1109/CLEOPR.2015.7376523 -
dc.identifier.scopusid 2-s2.0-84962832816 -
dc.type.rims CONF -
dc.contributor.nonIdAuthor Ryu, Jin-Hyeok -
dc.contributor.nonIdAuthor Kim, Ji-Hwan -
dc.contributor.nonIdAuthor Lee, In-Goo -
dc.contributor.nonIdAuthor Go, Sung-Min -
dc.identifier.citationVolume 3 -
dc.identifier.citationTitle 11th Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics Pacific Rim, CLEO-PR 2015 -
dc.type.journalArticle Conference Paper -
dc.identifier.conferencecountry US -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Lee, Ji-Won -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Yi, Changhwan -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Kim, Chil-Min -
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Department of Physics and Chemistry Micro Laser Laboratory 2. Conference Papers


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