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Scheduling temporal data for real-time requests in roadside-to-vehicle communication

Scheduling temporal data for real-time requests in roadside-to-vehicle communication
Liu, KaiLee, Victor C.S.Ng, Joshep K.Y.Son, Sang H.
DGIST Authors
Son, Sang H.
Issue Date
2013 IEEE 19th International Conference on Embedded and Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications, RTCSA 2013, 297-305
Article Type
Conference Paper
Recent advances in wireless communication technologies have spawned many new applications in vehicular networks. Data dissemination via roadside-to-vehicle communication is a vital approach to enabling most of these applications. In this work, we investigate in the scenario where data items are broadcasted from the road-side unit (RSU) in response to requests submitted by passing vehicles. Data items are associated with temporal constraints and updated periodically to reflect dynamic states of traffic information. Each request may ask for multiple temporal data items, and it is associated with a deadline, which may either be specified by the driver or imposed by the time when the vehicle drives through the service region. In particular, we develop a real-time data dissemination model based on roadside-to-vehicle communication by formulating the time-constraint of requests and the consistency requirement of retrieving temporal data items. On this basis, we propose an online scheduling algorithm to enhance the system performance in terms of maximizing request service and improving bandwidth utilization. Lastly, we build a simulation model to evaluate the algorithm performance in a variety of situations. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms existing algorithms significantly in both request serving and bandwidth utilization. © 2013 IEEE.
IEEE Computer Society
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  • Author Son, Sang Hyuk RTCPS(Real-Time Cyber-Physical Systems) Lab
  • Research Interests Real-time system; Wireless sensor network; Cyber-physical system; Data and event service; Information security; 실시간 임베디드 시스템
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