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DC Field Value Language Rath, Manasa K. ko Jung, Yong Min ko Park, Jeong Hwa ko Joh, Dong Woo ko Lee, Kang Taek ko 2017-08-10T08:19:47Z - 2017-08-09 - 2017 -
dc.identifier.citation Journal of Alloys and Compounds, v.723, pp.681 - 688 -
dc.identifier.issn 0925-8388 -
dc.identifier.uri -
dc.description.abstract A unique nanostructured NiO-yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) composite is synthesized in-situ via a water-in-oil microemulsion technique for the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) anode. Thermogravimetric analysis and X-ray diffraction confirm that as-synthesized powders are crystallized in-situ at ∼500 °C as the distinct NiO and YSZ phases without any impurities. Moreover, transmission electron microscopy analysis reveals that the as-synthesized primary particles via microemulsion are ∼40 nm in size and have a characteristic structure in which NiO and YSZ nanograins are heterogeneously distributed. The electrochemical activity of the nanostructured NiO-YSZ composite is evaluated using an YSZ supported cell with a La0.8Sr0.2MnO3-δ-YSZ (50:50 wt.%) cathode. The maximum power density of the SOFC employing the microemulsion-mediated NiO-YSZ anode is 2.2 times greater than that of the SOFC with the conventionally ball-milled nano-sized NiO-YSZ anode. The higher performance with our nanocomposite NiO-YSZ anode is primarily attributed to its heterogeneous nanograin structure, thus leading to a significant increase in triple phase boundary densities. © 2017 Elsevier B.V. -
dc.publisher Elsevier Ltd -
dc.subject Anode -
dc.subject Micro Emulsion -
dc.subject Nanocomposite -
dc.subject NiO YSZ -
dc.subject Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) -
dc.subject Triple Phase Boundaries -
dc.title Heterogeneous nanograin structured NiO-YSZ anodes via a water-in-oil microemulsion route for solid oxide fuel cells -
dc.type Article -
dc.identifier.doi 10.1016/j.jallcom.2017.06.294 -
dc.identifier.scopusid 2-s2.0-85021435951 -
dc.type.local Article(Overseas) -
dc.type.rims ART -
dc.description.journalClass 1 -
dc.identifier.citationVolume 723 -
dc.identifier.citationStartPage 681 -
dc.identifier.citationEndPage 688 -
dc.identifier.citationTitle Journal of Alloys and Compounds -
dc.type.journalArticle Article -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Rath, Manasa K. -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Jung, Yong Min -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Park, Jeong Hwa -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Joh, Dong Woo -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Lee, Kang Taek -
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