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Fully Automated Continuous Centrifugal Microfluidics Isolates Natural Killer Cells with High Performance and Minimal Stress

Fully Automated Continuous Centrifugal Microfluidics Isolates Natural Killer Cells with High Performance and Minimal Stress
Yang, SohaeKim, Seung-HoonIntisar, AseerShin, Hyun YoungKang, Hyun GyuKim, Min YoungKim, Jong ManRoh, Hye RanOh, So YeonKong, Sun-YoungKim, Young ZoonJoung, Jae YoungKim, Minseok S.
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Analytical Chemistry, v.95, no.26, pp.9949 - 9958
Natural killer (NK) cells are a part of the innate immune system, providing the first line of defense against cancer cells and pathogens at an early stage. Hence, they are attracting attention as a valuable resource for allogeneic cell immunotherapy. However, NK cells exist with limited proportion in blood, and obtaining sufficient clinical-grade NK cells with highly viable and minimal stress is critical for successful immune cell therapy. Conventional purification methods via immunoaffinity or density gradient centrifugation had several limitations in yield, purity, and cellular stress, which might cause an increased risk for graft versus host disease and reduced efficacy due to NK cell malfunction, exhaustion, and apoptosis. Moreover, reducing the variations of isolation performance caused by the manual process is another unmet need for uniform quality of the living drug. Here, an automated system using an NK disc (NKD) based on continuous centrifugal microfluidics (CCM) technology was developed to isolate NK cells from whole blood with high yield, purity, reproducibility, and low stress. The CCM technology, which operates fluidic manipulation under disc rotation, enabled precise extraction of the ultra-thin target fluid layer generated by blood centrifugation. Compared to the conventional manual method, the CCM-NKD isolated NK cells with higher yield (recovery rate) and purity, while maintaining better reproducibility. Furthermore, since the CCM-NKD maintained substantially milder centrifugation conditions (120 ×g for 10 min) compared to the conventional approach (1200 ×g for 20 min), it showed reduced cellular stress and increased antioxidant capacity in the isolated NK cells. Based on the results, the CCM-NKD is expected to be a useful tool to provide highly intact and viable cell weapons for successful immune cell therapy. © 2023 American Chemical Society. All rights reserved.
American Chemical Society
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