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dc.contributor.advisor 김성균 - Hongsub Lim - 2023-09-18T21:01:29Z - 2023-09-19T06:00:25Z - 2023 -
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dc.description solar vapor generation; desalination; Prussian blue; cellulose nanofiber; agar hydrogel ; Polypyrrole ; Jute -
dc.description.abstract Solar vapor generation is a sustainable solution to address the global shortage of fresh water. While various solar evaporation devices have been developed with significant evaporation rates, there are still challenges such as fabrication difficulties, potential environmental hazards, scalability, ease of fabrication, cost, and evaporation efficiency. In this study, we present two solar evaporation devices, one made of agar hydrogel and Prussian blue immobilized on cellulose nanofiber, and the other consisting of vertically aligned and lattice-arrayed polypyrrole decorated 3D jute cords, inspired by a rice paddy field. The CNF-PB/AHG device demonstrates a high evapora-tion rate of 2.22 kg m-2 h-1, while the PPy-jute-cord evaporation system shows a high evaporation rate of 3.47 kg m-2 h-1 under 1 kW m-2 of simulated solar illumination. Both devices exhibit excellent desalination performance, and the daily fresh water generation in the solar still field test reaches 5.95 kg m-2 day-1 and 33.24 kg m-2 day-1, respectively. These newly developed solar evaporation systems are environmentally safe, low-cost, and easy to manufacture, providing a promising solution to the global water crisis.|태양열 증기 생성은 전 세계적으로 담수 부족 문제를 해결하기 위한 지속 가능한 솔루션입니다. 다양한 태양 증발 장치가 상당한 증발 속도로 개발되었지만 여전히 제조 어려움, 잠재적인 환경 위험, 확장성, 제조 용이성, 비용 및 증발 효율성과 같은 문제가 있습니다. 본 연구에서는 셀룰로오스 나노섬유에 고정된 한천 하이드로겔과 프러시안 블루로 만든 태양 증발 장치와 논에서 영감을 얻은 수직 정렬 및 격자 배열 폴리피롤 장식 3D 황마 코드로 구성된 두 가지 태양 증발 장치를 제시합니다. CNF-PB/AHG 장치는 2.22 kg m-2 h-1의 높은 증발률을 보이는 반면 PPy-jute-cord 증발 시스템은 1 kW에서 3.47 kg m-2 h-1의 높은 증발률을 나타냅니다. 모의 태양 조명의 m-2. 두 장치 모두 우수한 담수화 성능을 나타내며 태양광 스틸 필드 테스트에서 일일 담수 생성은 각각 5.95kg m-2 day-1 및 33.24kg m-2 day-1에 이릅니다. 새로 개발된 이 태양열 증발 시스템은 환경적으로 안전하고 저렴하며 제조가 용이하여 세계적인 물 위기에 대한 유망한 솔루션을 제공합니다. -
dc.description.tableofcontents Abstract i
List of contents ii
List of figures iii
List of 약어 vi

Ⅰ. Introduction 1
1.1 Introduction 1
Ⅱ. Theoretical background 7
2.1 Solar vapor evaporation 7
2.2 Photothermal material 7
2.3 Substrate 8
Ⅲ. Materials and methods 9
3.1.1 Materials 9
3.1.2. Preparation of PB nanoparticles immobilized on CNF (CNF-PB) 9
3.1.3. Preparation of Colloidal PB (CPB) 10
3.1.4. Preparation of Solar Vapor Generation Devices 10
3.1.5. Characterization 10
3.1.6. Water swelling test 11
3.1.7. Solar Vapor Generation Experiments 11
3.1.8. Re-fabrication of the Device 11
3.1.9. Day and Night Simulated Solar Desalination Tests n 12
3.1.10. Solar Desalination Field Tests 12
3.2.1 Materials 13
3.2.2 Characterization 13
3.2.3 Preparation of photothermal jute cord decorated with PPy (P-JUTE) 13
3.2.4 Water absorption and transport test 14
3.2.5 Fabrication of 2D and 3D P-JUTE Solar Evaporators (PJEs) 14
3.2.6 Simulated open evaporation experiments with/without solar irradiation 14
3.2.7 Simulated open evaporation experiments of seawater with solar simulator 15
3.2.8 Solar Desalination Field Test with a Solar Still 16
Ⅳ. Results and Discussions 17
4.1.1. Preparation and characterization of the solar vapor generation devices 17
4.1.2. Solar Vapor Generation Experiments 26
4.1.3. Used Device Re-fabrication and Vapor Generation Tests 28
4.1.4. Simulated Long Term Day and Night Desalination Test 33
4.1.5. Solar Desalination Field Test 33
4.2.1. Strategy to fabricate a 3D lattice-arrayed evaporator with 1D natural fiber cords 37
4.2.2 Preparation and characterization of PPy decorated jute cord (P-JUTE) and 3D evaporators with P-JUTE (PJEs) 39
4.2.3 Investigation of the solar evaporation behaviors of the PJEs 43
4.2.4 Investigation of the solar evaporation performance of PJEs for desalination 48
4.2.5 Solar desalination field test with a solar still 51
Ⅴ. Conclusion 55
5.1Conclusions 55
Ⅵ. References 58
dc.format.extent 68 -
dc.language eng -
dc.publisher DGIST -
dc.title Preparation of solar desalination device using environmentally safe materials -
dc.title.alternative 친환경 소재를 이용한 태양광 담수화 장치 제조 -
dc.type Thesis -
dc.identifier.doi 10.22677/THESIS.200000684534 - Master -
dc.contributor.department Department of Physics and Chemistry -
dc.contributor.coadvisor Sunggi Lee - 2023-08-01 -
dc.publisher.location Daegu -
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dc.citation XT.MM 임95 202308 - 2023-09-14 -
dc.contributor.alternativeDepartment 화학물리학과 -
dc.subject.keyword solar vapor generation -
dc.subject.keyword desalination -
dc.subject.keyword Prussian blue -
dc.subject.keyword cellulose nanofiber -
dc.subject.keyword agar hydrogel -
dc.subject.keyword Polypyrrole -
dc.subject.keyword Jute -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Hongsub Lim -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Seong Kyun Kim -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Sunggi Lee -
dc.contributor.alternativeName 임홍섭 -
dc.contributor.alternativeName Seong Kyun Kim -
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