DGIF(DGIST Global Innovation Festival)1

DGIF is the comprehensive international conference on six strategic research areas of DGIST, so called MIREBraiN: Emerging Materials, Information & Communication Engineering, Medical Robots, Green Energy, Brain Science, and New Biology. The DGIF is a special “academic feast” that everyone can enjoy, which is hosted annually by the DGIST since 2012. This is the reason why it is called a festival and not a symposium or a conference. A Wide range of technical sessions will be organized and delivered by internationally renowned experts from home and abroad. The recent research and industrial issues will be addressed, visualizing future technology trends at the same time. In addition, conference will bring together various academic sessions organized by the DGIST's six graduate departments. The conference will also include an Undergraduate Program Session, introducing our innovative undergraduate programs. We hope this will be an excellent occasion to inspire many aspiring experts from research, academic, and industrial fields with the importance of the cutting-edge research and differentiated education.

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