DGIST-LBNL Research Center for Emerging Materials0

A mutual cooperation between two institutes, the LBNL and DGIST, began with the establishment of an LBNL-DGIST research collaboration center in July 2012. This relationship was further extended by the financial support from the Korean National Research Foundation (NRF) in December 2012. A joint research project is in progress via the satellite office with the name of LBNL-DGIST Joint Institute for Microscopy (LDJIM) that was set up on May 2014 within the Berkeley campus of LBNL. With additional financial support from the local government of Daegu and Dalseong-Gun, DGIST is actively pursuing the advancement of new emerging technology in the field of functional novel materials. Currently, research staff and faculty from both institutes are combining the materials synthesis capability in DGIST and advanced characterization techniques utilizing the Advanced Photon Source in LBNL to study the properties of nano-scale material systems.

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