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Magnetic beamforming with non-coupling coil pattern for high efficiency and long distance wireless power transfer

Magnetic beamforming with non-coupling coil pattern for high efficiency and long distance wireless power transfer
Kim, Kyung TaeKim, Han JoonChoi, Ji Woong
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Choi, Ji Woong
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2017 Wireless Power Transfer Conference, WPTC 2017
Magnetic BeamformingNon Coupling Coil PatternWireless Power Transfer
While many companies have provided wireless charging technologies to users recently, a charging distance is very short due to a drastic drop of magnetic fields. A lot of researches have been carried out steadily to increase the wireless charging distance. Magnetic beamforming is one of promising technologies to achieve this vision. However, conventional magnetic beamforming schemes require complex calculations to enhance the power transfer efficiency. This paper presents an enhanced magnetic beamforming scheme by adopting a non-coupling coil pattern as the transfer coil arrays which can obtain higher power transfer efficiency at longer distance with lower computation complexity. We provide concept of a coupling cancellation with the proposed coil pattern, and verify the enhanced performance via circuit simulations in terms of the power transfer efficiency compared the conventional magnetic beamforming schemes which have the magnetic couplings between the transfer coils. The proposed scheme can play an important role in the future IoT world which is composed of many multiple electronic devices and wireless sensors. © 2017 IEEE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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  • Author Choi, Ji-Woong CSP(Communication and Signal Processing) Lab
  • Research Interests Communication System; Signal Processing; Communication Circuit Design; 생체 신호 통신 및 신호 처리; 뇌-기계 인터페이스(BMI); 차세대 교차계층 통신 및 신호 처리; 5G 모바일 통신
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