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Design of teach pendant for robot glazing system

Design of teach pendant for robot glazing system
Lee, SeungyeolEom, SunghoonMoon, Jeonil
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Lee, SeungyeolMoon, Jeonil
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Conference Paper
Currently, a new construction method using a robotic system is widely spreading in construction sites. This study is related to the design of glazing robot's teach pendant which can improve convenience of handling and hence improve the productivity through the efficient interaction between an operator and a robot while doing glazing works, e.g., curtain wall installing. The suitability of selection and arrangement of control switches was assessed according to mechanical motions of a glazing robot, and design guidelines for improving convenience and productivity were drawn up through questionnaires carried out by site operators. To verify the proposed design guidelines, working time comparison of the proposed teach pendant and the existing teach pendant was executed.
international Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction
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