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Energy and thermal distribution under the skin during ultrasound power transfer

Energy and thermal distribution under the skin during ultrasound power transfer
Song, Hi YuenCho, Min GyuLee, Yang HunOh, Inn YealJung, Joon TaekChoi, Hong SooPark, Chul Soon
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Choi, Hong Soo
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2013 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on RF and Wireless Tecbhnologies for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications, IMWS-BIO 2013
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Conference Paper
Energy distribution under the human skin during ultrasound power transfer using a 15×15 MEMS transducer array with 2.2 MHz driving frequency is presented in this paper. When the surface pressure of the array element is 96 kPa, intensity at 2 mm under the skin is 0.96 W/cm2; intensity increases to 24 W/cm2 when the surface pressure increases to 0.48 MPa. In other words, the simulation results show that the larger the surface pressure, the larger the intensity. The simulated and the measured power density values at 7 mm in the vertical direction of the transducer surface in degassed water are 96.72 mW/cm2 and 94.08 mW/cm2, respectively. Temperature change due to ultrasound radiation on the skin is discussed, and the feasibility of ultrasonic power transfer for implantable medical devices specially implanted just underneath the skin is presented. © 2013 IEEE.
IEEE Computer Society
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  • Author Choi, Hongsoo Bio-Micro Robotics Lab
  • Research Interests Micro/Nano robot; Neural prostheses; MEMS; BMI; MEMS/NEMS; BioMEMS; MEMS 초음파 트랜스듀스; 인공와우
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