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Design and implementation procedure of the AUTOSAR I/O driver cluster

Design and implementation procedure of the AUTOSAR I/O driver cluster
Won, Woong-JaeSon, JangkyungPark, GwangminKum, DaehyunLee, Seonghun
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Kum, DaehyunLee, Seonghun
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Conference Paper
The basic software of the AUTOSAR platform is consisted of three layers, and it can be subdivided into types of cluster which are I/O, memory, communication, and system. Among those types of clusters, the I/O cluster provides standardized access to actuators, sensors, and ECU onboard peripherals through an I/O driver. Therefore, it is nature that the I/O driver depends on a microcontroller. Although the standard specification of the AUTOSAR platform describes requirements and some methodologies for implementing I/O driver, it is not only variables and obscures, but also taking long time to design and implement the I/O driver when it changes hardware. In order to solve those problems, we proposed design and implementation procedure for an internal structure of the I/O driver according to AUTOSAR requirements. And, we'll show the procedure and methodology of the design and implementation of a PWM driver in order to describe proposed procedure as an example. © 2009 SICE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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