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DC Field Value Language 박상현 ko 장평훈 ko 2018-02-05T04:15:09Z - 2018-02-05T04:15:09Z - 2018-01-17 - 2007 -
dc.identifier.citation International Journal of Assistive Robotics and Systems, v.8, no.3, pp.3 - 10 -
dc.identifier.issn 2092-5123 -
dc.identifier.uri -
dc.description.abstract This paper presents the development procedure of a robot arm to assist people with disabilities (PWD) at their work places and to promote their employment. The developed robot arm was shown to be highly useful through field testing. A target-oriented design (TOD) methodology was used for this procedure. -
dc.publisher 동국대학교 정보융합기술원 -
dc.title A Target-Oriented Design of an Assistive Robot Arm for People With Disabilities at a Real Manufacturing Environment -
dc.type Article -
dc.type.local Article(Domestic) -
dc.type.rims ART -
dc.description.journalClass 2 -
dc.identifier.kciid ART001091568 -
dc.contributor.nonIdAuthor 박상현 -
dc.identifier.citationVolume 8 -
dc.identifier.citationNumber 3 -
dc.identifier.citationStartPage 3 -
dc.identifier.citationEndPage 10 -
dc.identifier.citationTitle International Journal of Assistive Robotics and Systems -
dc.description.isOpenAccess N -
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