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Diffusion Control in the in Situ Synthesis of Iconic Metal-Organic Frameworks within an Ionic Polymer Matrix

Diffusion Control in the in Situ Synthesis of Iconic Metal-Organic Frameworks within an Ionic Polymer Matrix
Lim, Jeong HoLee, Eun JiChoi, Jae SunJeong, Nak Cheon
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Jeong, Nak Cheon
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ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 10(4), 3793-3800
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AlginateAromatic compoundsBiocompatibilityChelationCrystalline materialsDiffusionDyesLigandsMetal ionsOrganic polymersOrganometallicsPolyvinyl alcoholsBiocompatible polymerIn-situ synthesisIon diffusionIonic polymerMixed matrix membranesMetals
Ionic polymers that possess ion-exchangeable sites have been shown to be a greatly useful platform to fabricate mixed matrices (MMs) where metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) can be in situ synthesized, although the in situ synthesis of MOF has been rarely studied. In this study, alginate (ALG), an anionic green polymer that possesses metal-ion-exchangeable sites, is employed as a platform of MMs for the in situ synthesis of iconic MOFs, HKUST-1, and MOF-74(Zn). We demonstrate for the first time that the sequential order of supplying MOF ingredients (metal ion and deprotonated ligand) into the alginate matrix leads to substantially different results because of a difference in the diffusion of the MOF components. For the examples examined, whereas the infusion of BTC3- ligand into Cu2+-exchanged ALG engendered the eggshell-shaped HKUST-1 layers on the surface of MM spheres, the infusion of Cu2+ ions into BTC3--included alginate engendered the high dispersivity and junction contact of HKUST-1 crystals in the alginate matrix. This fundamental property has been exploited to fabricate a flexible MOF-containing mixed matrix membrane by coincorporating poly(vinyl alcohol). Using two molecular dyes, namely, methylene blue and rhodamine 6G, further, we show that this in situ strategy is suitable for fabricating an MOF-MM that exhibits size-selective molecular uptake. © 2018 American Chemical Society.
American Chemical Society
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  • Author Jeong, Nak Cheon NC(Nanoporous-materials Chemistry for Fundamental Science) Lab
  • Research Interests Inorganic Chemistry; Metal-Organic Framework; Nanoporous Materials; Electron Transport;Ion Transport
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