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Highly Sensitive Planar Hall Magnetoresistive Sensor for Magnetic Flux Leakage Pipeline Inspection

Highly Sensitive Planar Hall Magnetoresistive Sensor for Magnetic Flux Leakage Pipeline Inspection
Pham, Hong QuangTran, Bang VietDoan, Duy TuanLe, Van SyPham, Quang NganKim, KunwooKim, CheolGiTerki, FerialQuang Hung Tran
DGIST Authors
Kim, CheolGi
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Article; Proceedings Paper
High sensitivitylow thermal noisemagnetic flux leakage (MFL) detectionpipeline inspection gauge (PIG)planar Hall magnetoresistive (PH-MR) sensorGIANT-MAGNETORESISTANCEFIELD
Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) detection is frequently used for oil and gas pipeline inspection, especially for evaluation of the integrity of pipelines. The success of the MFL technique depends on many parameters. However, a sensitive magnetic sensor is an important requirement. Therefore, magnetic field sensors based on different mechanisms have been developed and applied to the MFL technique. In this paper, we evidence for the first time the capability of an innovative device based on a planar Hall magnetoresistance sensor devoted to MFL detection. This promising prototype combines all the required qualifications such as high sensitivity, low thermal drift, and bipolar and linear responses to the magnetic field. New achievements are carried out on embedded sensors in a testing platform reflecting pipeline environments. The ultrasensitive magnetic mapping concludes to a convincing technical approach with a high potential application toward MFL inspection, especially for the detection of shallow defects appearing at near side, far side, and sub-surface of a pipe wall. © 2018 IEEE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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  • 김철기 Kim, CheolGi 화학물리학과
  • Research Interests Magnetic Materials and Spintronics; Converging Technology of Nanomaterials and Biomaterials; Bio-NEMS;MEMS
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