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2자유도 피에조다리를 이용한 초소형 다족로봇

2자유도 피에조다리를 이용한 초소형 다족로봇
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Miniature robot having multiple legs using piezo legs having two degrees of freedom
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URI 14-358800
The present invention relates to a miniature robot using a plurality of piezo legs capable of deforming in two degrees of freedom by supplying input voltage signals, and an integrated artificial neural network behavior controller capable of modeling complex behavioral patterns and gait patterns by a simple structure. The miniature robot with multiple legs includes: a main body; a plurality of piezo legs constituted by bimorph piezoelectric elements and connected to the main body to generate motion through morphological deformation in two degrees of freedom by applied voltage signals, thereby resulting in movement on the ground; and a control part including an artificial neural network behavior controller, which controls motion patterns by feeding back information with respect to the environment transmitted from external sensors and to electrical signals transmitted when the piezo legs contact the surface of the ground, to control the voltage applied to each of the piezo legs.
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  • 손병락 Son, Byungrak 에너지환경연구부
  • Research Interests 연료전지; Fuel Cell; 하이브리드 전원; Hybrid Power; 스택; Stack; 촉매; Catalyst; 연료전지시스템; Fuel Cell System;센서네트워크;Sensor Network
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