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DC Field Value Language 김희강 ko 송찬호 ko 정성호 ko 손진환 ko 김영덕 ko 손국진 ko 2018-07-11T12:32:40Z - 2018-07-11T12:32:40Z -
dc.identifier.uri -
dc.title 통합관제 서버프로그램 -
dc.type Patent -
dc.type.rims PAT - KO -
dc.identifier.patentRegistrationNumber C-2018-016065 - 2018-06-27 -
dc.identifier.iprsType 소프트웨어 -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor 김희강 -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor 김영덕 -
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Convergence Research Center for Future Automotive Technology 3. Patents


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