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Proteogenomic Characterization of Human Early-Onset Gastric Cancer

Proteogenomic Characterization of Human Early-Onset Gastric Cancer
Mun, Dong-GiBhin, JinhyukKim, SangokKim, HyunwooJung, Jae HunJung, YeonjooJang, Ye EunPark, Jong MoonKim, HokeunJung, YeonhwaLee, HangyeoreBae, JingiBack, SeunghoonKim, Su-JinKim, JieunPark, HeejinLi, HonglanHwang, Kyu-BaekPark, Young SooYook, Jeong HwanKim, Byung SikKwon, Sun YoungRyu, Seung WanPark, Do YounJeon, Tae YongKim, Dae HwanLee, Jae-HyuckHan, Sang-UkSong, Kyu SangPark, DongminPark, Jun WonRodriguez, HenryKim, JaesangLee, HookeunKim, Kwang PyoYang, Eun GyeongKim, Hark KyunPaek, EunokLee, SanghyukLee, Sang-WonHwang, Daehee
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Hwang, Daehee
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We report proteogenomic analysis of diffuse gastric cancers (GCs) in young populations. Phosphoproteome data elucidated signaling pathways associated with somatic mutations based on mutation-phosphorylation correlations. Moreover, correlations between mRNA and protein abundances provided potential oncogenes and tumor suppressors associated with patient survival. Furthermore, integrated clustering of mRNA, protein, phosphorylation, and N-glycosylation data identified four subtypes of diffuse GCs. Distinguishing these subtypes was possible by proteomic data. Four subtypes were associated with proliferation, immune response, metabolism, and invasion, respectively; and associations of the subtypes with immune- and invasion-related pathways were identified mainly by phosphorylation and N-glycosylation data. Therefore, our proteogenomic analysis provides additional information beyond genomic analyses, which can improve understanding of cancer biology and patient stratification in diffuse GCs. © 2018 Elsevier Inc.Mun et al. perform proteogenomic analysis of diffuse gastric cancers (DGC) in a young population, identifying that correlations of mRNA-protein abundance associate with survival and defining four subtypes of DGC. The associations of some subtypes with related pathways are identified mainly by the proteomic data. © 2018 Elsevier Inc.
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