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Construction and Application of Elastin Like Polypeptide Containing IL-4 Receptor Targeting Peptide

Sarangthem, Vijaya Cho, Eun A. Bae, Sang Mun Singh, Thoudam Debraj Kim, Sun-Ji Kim, Soyoun Jeon, Won Bae Lee, Byung-Heon Park, Rang-Woon

Public Library of Science, 2013-12


Molecular bases for differential aging programs between flag and second leaves during grain-filling in rice

Lee, Shinyoung Jeong, Hyobin Lee, Sichul Lee, Jinwon Kim, Sun-Ji Park, Ji-Won Woo, Hye Ryun Lim, Pyung Ok An, Gynheung Nam, Hong Gil et al

Nature Publishing Group, 2017