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Bhatt, Nikunj Soni, Nisarg Ha, Yeong Su Lee, Woonghee Pandya, Darpan N. Sarkar, Swarbhanu Kim, Jung Young Lee, Hochun Kim, Sun Hee An, Gwang Il et al

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters, v.6, no.11, pp.1162 - 1166, 2015-11


Dale, Ajit V. Il An, Gwang Pandya, Darpan N. Ha, Yeong Su Bhatt, Nikunj Soni, Nisarg Lee, Hochun Ahn, Heesu Sarkar, Swarbhanu Lee, Woonghee et al

Inorganic Chemistry, v.54, no.17, pp.8177 - 8186, 2015-09-07