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A Novel Bmal1 Mutant Mouse Reveals Essential Roles of the C-Terminal Domain on Circadian Rhythms

Park, Noheon Kim, Hee-Dae Cheon, Solmi Row, Hansang Lee, Jiyeon Han, Dong-Hee Cho, Sehyung Kim, Kyung Jin

Public Library of Science, 2015-09


ABeta-induced degradation of BMAL1 and CBP leads to circadian rhythm disruption in Alzheimer's disease

Song, Hyundong Moon, Minho Choe, Han Kyoung Han, Dong-Hee Jang, Changhwan Kim, Ahbin Cho, Sehyung Kim, Kyungjin Mook-Jung, Inhee

BioMed Central Ltd., 2015-03


S100A9 Knockout Decreases the Memory Impairment and Neuropathology in Crossbreed Mice of Tg2576 and S100A9 Knockout Mice Model

Kim, Hee Jin Chang, Keun-A Ha, Tae-Young Kim, Jeonga Ha, Sungji Shin, Ki-Young Moon, Cheil Nacken, Wolfgang Kim, Hye-Sun Suh, Yoo-Hun

Public Library of Science, 2014-02

2015-05 731

Acharya, B[Acharya, Bodhraj] Chun, SY[Chun, So-Young] Kim, SY[Kim, Shin-Yoon] Moon, C[Moon, Cheil] Shin, HI[Shin, Hong-In] Park, EK[Park, Eui Kyun]

Wiley Blackwell, 2012-04