Plant Senescence Laboratory13

Research Summary
A. Systems Biology of Arabidopsis leaf senescence
- Multi-dimensional leaf lifespan transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis
- Studying regulatory networks delineating functional coordination of correlated expression transition along leaf aging
- Understanding the inter-organellar coordination along leaf aging

B. Temporal dynamics of RNA-RNA, RNA-Protein, RNA-DNA networks along leaf life history and senescence
- Studying the long noncoding RNAs-mediated regulatory mechanisms using various functional analyses
- Understanding the importance of regulatory IncRNAs on plant fitness.
- Understanding the molecular basis of RNA-DNA-protein interaction in leaf development.

C. Spatiotemporal design of the hierarchical biological clocks in Arabidopsis
- Study on Spatiotemporal transition of biological clock along leaf development
- Identification of genetic machineries maintaining the coordination and designing spatiotemporal transition of biological clock
- Predication of leaf cell fate by monitoring cellular clock

D. Computational Study of Leaf Senescence through a Phenomic Approach
- Investigation of association among phenomic responses, lifespan, and various environmental cues in various accessions through PHI (Plant High-throughput Investigator) system
- Dissection of molecular networks in accessions with distinct lifespan history

Advisor Professor : Lim, Pyung Ok
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