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Exploitation of wireless control link in the software-defined LEO satellite network

Exploitation of wireless control link in the software-defined LEO satellite network
Woncheol Cho
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Cho, Woncheol; Lee, Sungjin; Choi, Jihwan P.
Sungjin Lee
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software-defined satellite network, control link, cross layer optimization, power-efficient control link algorithm
The low earth orbit (LEO) satellite network can benefit from software-defined networking (SDN) by lightening forwarding devices and improving service diversity. In order to apply SDN into the network, however, reliable SDN control links should be associated from satellite gateways to satellites, with the wireless and mobile properties of the network taken into account. Since these characteristics affect both control link association and gateway power allocation, we define this new cross layer problem as an SDN control link problem. The problem is discussed from the viewpoint of multilayers such as automatic repeat request (ARQ) and gateway power allocation at the Link layer, and split transmit control protocol (TCP) and link scheduling at the Transport layer. A centralized SDN control framework constrained by maximum total power is introduced to enhance gateway power efficiency for control link setup. Based on the power control analysis of the problem, a power-efficient control link algorithm is developed, which establishes low latency control links with reduced power consumption. Along with the sensitivity analysis of the proposed control link algorithm, numerical results demonstrate low latency and high reliability of control links established by the algorithm, ultimately suggesting the feasibility, both technical and economical, of the software-defined LEO satellite network.
Table Of Contents
1. INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Software-Defined Satellite Network 1 1.2 Wireless SDN Control Link Problem Statement 4 1.3 Contributions and Overview of Theses 5 1.4 Related Works 6 2. MODELING AND FORMULATION 8 2.1 Control Link Association 8 2.1.1 Graph Model 8 2.1.2 ARQ and Split TCP 9 2.1.3 Link Association Variable 10 2.2 Control Link Reliability and Expected Latency Formulation 12 2.2.1 Control Link Reliability and Gateway Power 12 2.2.2 Expected Latency Formulation 13 2.3 SDN Control Link Problem 16 2.3.1 Expected Latency Minimization Problem 16 2.3.2 Power-Efficient SDN Control Link Problem 17 3. SDN CONTROL LINK ALGORITHM 22 4. NUMERICAL RESULTS AND ANALYSIS 25 4.1 Latency Analysis and Feasibility of the Software-Defined Satellite Network 27 4.2 Sensitivity Analysis and Selection of the Maximum Total Power 33 5. CONCLUSION 37 APPENDIX 38 REFERENCES 40
Information and Communication Engineering
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  • Author Lee, Sungjin Data-Intensive Computing Systems Laboratory
  • Research Interests Computer System, System Software, Storage System, Non-volatile Memory, Flash-based SSD, Distributed Storage Systems
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