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Boosting Tunnel-Type Manganese Oxide Cathodes by Lithium Nitrate for Practical Aqueous Na-Ion Batteries

Boosting Tunnel-Type Manganese Oxide Cathodes by Lithium Nitrate for Practical Aqueous Na-Ion Batteries
Chae, Munseok S.Kim, Hyojeong J.Lyoo, JeyneAttias, RanElias, YuvalGofer, YosefHong, Seung-TaeAurbach, Doron
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Hong, Seung-Tae
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aqueous Na-ion batteriesaqueous electrolyte solutionshybrid electrolyte solutionsodium manganese oxidesflexible batteries
Aqueous Na-ion batteries are proposed as cheap, safe, environmentally friendly systems for large-scale energy storage owing to the high abundance of sodium in earth's crust and the benign nature of most of its salts. Practical utilization, however, is limited by poor electrochemical performance due to the slow diffusion kinetics of large sodium ions. Here, lithium nitrate was added to the electrolyte solutions to boost the performance of sodium manganese oxide cathodes. Ultrafast rate capability, high ion diffusivity, and superior cycling stability are attributed to enhanced conductivity of the ions in the solution, cointercalation of Li and Na ions, and lower cathode surface resistance. Three-dimensional bond valence maps illuminate the intercalation mechanism of sodium ions in the host structure. Lithium ions establish additional diffusion paths that activate sodium sites. Multistack cells were constructed and showed good electrochemical performance and high mechanical flexibility, which can be exploited to elaborate very effective practical batteries. © 2020 American Chemical Society
American Chemical Society
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  • 홍승태 Hong, Seung-Tae 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests Magnesium; calcium; and zinc ion batteries; lithium all-solid-state batteries; Inorganic materials discovery; Solid state chemistry; Crystallography; Mg; Ca; Zn 이온 이차전지; 리튬 전고체전지; 신 무기재료 합성; 고체화학; 결정화학
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