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Measurement of pulse transit time using ultra-wideband radar

Measurement of pulse transit time using ultra-wideband radar
Cho, Hui-SupPark, Young-Jin
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Cho, Hui-SupPark, Young-Jin
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Ultra-wide bandimpulse radarpulse transit timeprincipal component analysisheartbeat
BACKGROUND: The pulse transit time is an important factor that can be used to estimate the blood pressure indirectly. In many studies, pressures in the artery near and far from the heart are measured or the electrocardiogram and photoplethysmography are used to calculate the pulse transit time. In other words, the so-called contact measurements have been mainly used in these studies. OBJECTIVE: In this paper, a new method based on radar technology to measure the pulse transit time in a non-contact manner is proposed. METHODS: Radar pulses were simultaneously emitted to the chest and the wrist, and the reflected pulses were accumulated. Heartbeats were extracted by performing principal component analysis on each time series belonging to the accumulated pulses. Then, the matched heartbeat pairs were found among the heartbeats obtained from the chest and wrist and the time delay between them, i.e. the pulse transit time, was obtained. RESULTS: By comparing the pulse transit times obtained by the proposed method with those obtained by conventional methods, it is confirmed that the proposed method using the radar can be used to obtain the pulse transit time in a non-contact manner. © 2021 -IOS Press and the authors. All rights reserved.
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