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An Enhanced Time-Delay Control using a Second-Order Time-Delay Estimation for Robot Manipulators

An Enhanced Time-Delay Control using a Second-Order Time-Delay Estimation for Robot Manipulators
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로봇 매니퓰레이터를 위한 이차시간지연추정방법을 이용한 향상된 시간지연제어
Do, Jin Ho
DGIST Authors
Do, Jin HoChang, Pyung HunMoon, Jeon Il
Chang, Pyung Hun
Moon, Jeon Il
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2013. 8
TDCTDETDE errorETDCchattering시간지연제어시간지연추정시간지연추정 오차향상된 시간지연제어채터링
In this thesis, I present analysis of Time-Delay Control (TDC) and Enhanced Time-Delay Control (ETDC) for robot manipulators. Each control will be analyzed and represented by their characteristics. In addition, a new controller with combining strong points from each control scheme will be proposed. Time-Delay Control is a well-known controller because it is simple and robust, but it has a problem; Time Delay Estimation (TDE) errors occur because the TDC uses TDE scheme to estimate uncertainties of robot manipulators with discontinuous dynamics, also known as hard nonlinearities. In order to remedy the problem, ETDC is proposed. While it compensates for the TDE error, a new problem is created: chattering. In order to alleviate the problem, a new controller, which is much more robust than ETDC is proposed. It also shows better initial error than ETDC. Simulations and experimentations show the effectiveness of the proposed controller. ⓒ 2013 DGIST
Table Of Contents
I . Introduction 1--
1.1 Research background and motivations 1--
1.2 Composition of thesis synopsis 4--
II . Literature Study 5--
2.1 Time Delay Control 5--
2.1.1 Outline 5--
2.1.2 Time Delay Control 6--
2.1.3 Time Delay Estimation Error 10--
2.2 Enhanced Time Delay Control 11--
2.2.1 Outline 11--
2.2.2 Enhanced Time Delay Control 12--
2.3.3 Time Delay Estimation Error Term 14--
2.2.4 Analysis 16--
III . Design and Analysis of Proposed Control 21--
3.1 Outline 21--
3.2 Design of the Proposed Control 22--
3.3 Analysis of the Proposed Control 23--
3.4 Discussion 29--
IV . Simulation 31--
4.1 One Link Robot Manipulator 31--
4.1.1 Plant for the one link manipulator simulation 31--
4.1.2 Design of the Controllers 33--
4.1.3 Results of the one link manipulator simulation 35--
4.2 Two Links Robot Manipulator 40--
4.2.1 Plant for the two links manipulator simulation 40--
4.2.2 Design of the Controllers 42--
4.2.3 Results of the two links manipulator simulation 44--
V . Experimentation 50--
5.1 Composition of System 50--
5.2 First Experimentation : NEW and ETDC with same gains 53--
5.2.1 Implementation 54--
5.2.2 Results 56--
5.3 Second Experimentation: NEW with various characteristic gains 61--
5.3.1 Implementation 61--
5.3.2 Results 63--
5.4 Third Experimentation: NEW and ETDC with optimally tuned gains 67--
5.4.1 Implementation 67--
5.4.2 Results 71--
5.5 Conclusion 78--
VI . Conclusion 80--
6 Conclusion 80
Robotics Engineering
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