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A study on the Geographical boundary and location of open innovation

A study on the Geographical boundary and location of open innovation
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개방형 혁신의 지리적 범위와 위치에 관한 연구
Yun, Jinhyo JosephPark, Sang MoonJung, Woo Young
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Yun, Jinhyo JosephPark, Sang MoonJung, Woo Young
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This paper examines the effects of the geographic boundary and location of open innovation. The re-search questions are as follows: a) does the geographic boundary of open innovation have a significant in-fluence on the innovate performance of a firm? ; And b) does the geographic location of open innovation, that is the cluster that the firm belongs to, have a significant influence on the innovative performance of a firm?
Firm-level data of 365 firms was collected from two different regional clusters. Using two independent variables and other control variables (firm age, size, and R&D intensity); we analyzed the effects of these variables on firm performance by using ordinary linear and negative binominal regressions.
Based on the results, we suggest for firm-level decision-makers that geographic boundary of external knowledge sources should be balanced between within and beyond clusters according to the characteristics of the clusters. Furthermore, policy-makers should develop programs so that industrial firms can access val-uable sources and collaborate with other sources that are beyond clusters, not just within.
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