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Direct Observation of Fe-Ge Ordering in Fe5−xGeTe2 Crystals and Resultant Helimagnetism

Direct Observation of Fe-Ge Ordering in Fe5−xGeTe2 Crystals and Resultant Helimagnetism
Ly, Trinh ThiPark, JungminKim, KyooAhn, Hyo-BinLee, Nyun JongKim, KwangsuPark, Tae-EonDuvjir, GanbatLam, Nguyen HuuJang, KyuhaYou, Chun-YeolJo, YounghunKim, Se KwonLee, ChangguKim, SanghoonKim, Jungdae
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Advanced Functional Materials, v.31, no.17, pp.2009758
Author Keywords
2D materialsFe 5GeTe 2Helimagnetismnon-centrosymmetricityscanning tunneling microscopy
Microscopic structuresTemperature dependenceIron compoundsCrystal symmetryFerromagnetic materialsFerromagnetismGermanium compoundsIron metallographyMagnetic propertiesMagnetsScanning tunneling microscopySingle crystalsSuperconducting materialsTellurium compoundsTemperature distributionVan der Waals forcesAnalytical studiesAntisymmetric exchange interactionsDirect observationsHelical magnetismInversion symmetryMagnetic anomalies
Microscopic structures and magnetic properties are investigated for Fe5−xGeTe2 single crystal, recently discovered as a promising van der Waals (vdW) ferromagnet. An Fe atom (Fe(1)) located in the outermost Fe5Ge sublayer has two possible split-sites which are either above or below the Ge atom. Scanning tunneling microscopy shows √3 × √3 superstructures which are attributed to the ordering of Fe(1) layer. The √3 × √3 superstructures have two different phases due to the symmetry of Fe(1) ordering. Intriguingly, the observed √3 × √3 ordering breaks the inversion symmetry of crystal, resulting in substantial antisymmetric exchange interaction. The temperature dependence of magnetization reveals a sharp magnetic anomaly suggesting helical magnetism of the Fe5−xGeTe2 due to its non-centrosymmetricity. Analytical study also supports that the observed ordering can give rise to the helimagnetism. The work will provide essential information to understand the complex magnetic properties and the origin of the new vdW ferromagnet, Fe5−xGeTe2 for future topology-based spin devices. © 2021 Wiley-VCH GmbH
John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
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  • 유천열 You, Chun-Yeol 화학물리학과
  • Research Interests Spintronics; Condensed Matter Physics; Magnetic Materials & Thin Films; Micromagnetic Simulations; Spin Nano-Devices
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