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A Smart Grid Control Strategy for Improved Power Efficiency

A Smart Grid Control Strategy for Improved Power Efficiency
Translated Title
전력 효율성 개선을 위한 스마트 그리드 제어 전략
Choi, Keun Hye
DGIST Authors
Choi, Keun Hye; Park, Tae Joon; Lee, Sang Woo
Park, Tae Joon
Lee, Sang Woo
Issue Date
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Degree Date
2014. 2
microgridbattery energy storage systemstate-feedback control스마트 그리드에너지 저장장치마이크로 그리드스테이트 피드백 제어
Korea has been experiencing power demand supply problems during summer and winter. We aim to solve these problems by mitigating the difference of supply and demand power amount. This thesis presents a smart grid control strategy for improved power effi-ciency using energy storage devices of a microgrid system. The microgrid system is the combination of a photovoltaic (PV) array, loads, and a battery energy storage system (ESS) via a DC bus. The control strategies were defined as multi-modes of operation, in-cluding a rest operation without use of battery, power charging, and power discharging, which enables either a grid connected mode or an islanded mode. A supervisory control regulates power generation of the individual components so as to enable the microgrid sys-tem to operate in the proposed modes of operation. The concept and principle of the mi-crogrid system and its control were described. In the battery converter, state-feedback con-trol is used to discharge power as user wants. Modeling and simulation were based on MATLAB/Simulink. A 100-kW microgrid inverter and its control system were developed. The simulation results were presented to evaluate the dynamic performance of the mi-crogrid system under the proposed modes of operation. ⓒ 2014 DGIST
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. INTRODUCTION 1 -- Ⅱ. BACKGROUND – SMART GRID CONSTRUCTURE 4 -- 2.1 Smart Grid (Microgrids) 4 -- 2.2 Distributed Generation (DG) and Distributed Storage (DS) 6 -- Ⅲ. SYSTEM CONFIGURATION 7 -- Ⅳ. CONTROL STRATEGIES 9 -- 4.1 Supervisory Control Strategies 9 -- 4.2 Local Control of the Microgrid System 12 -- 4.3 PV Array Control 14 -- 4.4 Battery Energy Storage Control 15 -- 4.4.1 Charging Operation: PI Control 15 -- 4.4.2 Discharging Operation: State-feedback Control 16 -- 4.5 Grid-Inverter Control 17 -- 4.6 Current Control for multiple microgrids 18 -- Ⅴ. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION 19 -- 5.1 Control Performance of the microgrid system 19 -- 5.2 Microgrid Operation Performance 24 -- 5.3 Multiple Microgrid Performance 26 -- Ⅵ. CONCLUSION 32 -- Ⅶ. REFERENCE 34
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