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Spatial representation neuronal network modeling and in vitro formation on a substrate using a PDMS based physical structure

Spatial representation neuronal network modeling and in vitro formation on a substrate using a PDMS based physical structure
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공간 표상 신경망 네트워크의 모델링과 PDMS 물리적 구조물을 이용한 기판 위 체외 신경망 네트워크 형성
Kim, Min Jung
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Kim, Min Jung; Moon, Sang Jun; Kim, Min Soo
Moon, Sang Jun
Kim, Min Soo
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2015. 2
Spatial representation networkNeuron modelingNeuron patterningIn vitro neuronal networkPrimary cell culture공간 표상 신경망 네트워크신경세포 모델링개별 세포 단위의 신경세포 패터닝체외 신경망 네트워크초대 pyramidal 신경세포 배양
Spatial representation network in the brain is operated by place cell and grid cell network interactions. For study about these cognitive functional mechanism, computation-al neuronal network modeling and in vitro neural network analysis platform are designed in terms of network motif. Computational modeling was tried to designed by neuron simu-lation tool, and for verifying this computational model, real pyramidal neuron was cultured in vitro that was extracted and dissected from rat. In vitro neuronal network pattering on microelectrode array (MEA) is the neuronal network analysis platform for investigating their neuronal activities, especially PDMS physical structure pattern on MEA for single cell level in vitro neuronal network for verifying previous computational neuronal network model. These single cell resolution modeling and analysis platform can be a tool for veri-fying and investigating about brain cognitive functions in terms of neural circuit approach of neuroscience. ⓒ 2015 DGIST
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ.INTRODUCTION 1-- 1.1 Spatial representation system in brain 1-- 1.2 The motif of neuronal network 4-- 1.3 Computational modeling of spatial representation network motif 6-- 1.4 In vitro neuronal network formation 8-- 1.4.1 In vitro neuronal network 8-- 1.4.2 Neuron patterning 8-- 1.4.3 Neuron patterning on microelectrode array 10-- 1.5 Problem and hypothesis 14-- Ⅱ.MATERIALS AND METHODS 16-- 2.1 In vitro experiment 16-- 2.1.1 Fabrication of PDMS mold and stamp 16-- 2.1.2 Micro alignment system for micro contact printing (μCP) 17-- 2.1.3 Noise Reduction of MEA 18-- 2.1.4 MEA recording system and signal processing with beta cell 18-- 2.2 Cell culture 22-- 2.2.1 Primary pyramidal neuron culture 22-- Ⅲ.RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 25-- 3.1 In vitro experiment 25-- 3.1.1 PDMS mold and stamp fabrication 25-- 3.1.2 MEA cleaning condition optimization 27-- 3.1.3 Recording the local field potential of beta cell with MEA system 29-- 3.2 Primary pyramidal neuron culture 31-- Ⅳ.CONCLUSION 33-- 4.1 Conclusion 33-- REFERENCES 34
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  • Author Kim, Min-Soo InfoLab
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