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Shock Resistive Flexure-Based Anthropomorphic Hand with Enhanced Payload

Shock Resistive Flexure-Based Anthropomorphic Hand with Enhanced Payload
Yang, JunmoKim, JeongseokKim, DonghyunYun, Dongwon
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Soft Robotics, v.9, no.2, pp.266 - 279
Author Keywords
soft hand robotcross flexure hingeanthropomorphic hand robotshock resistive robot
In this study, a Crossed Flexural Hinge (CFH) structure was used for the design of a humanoid robot hand that can absorb any abrupt external force and that has a large payload, giving it the advantages of both rigid and compliant robots. Structural problems were identified through a 6 x 6 stiffness matrix to analyze whether CFH is suitable for use as an anthropomorphic robot hand. To reinforce the weak stiffness, a paired CFH (p-CFH) structure was proposed for the robot hand joints. In addition, it was verified through theoretical and experimental methods that p-CFH has superior stiffness characteristics compared to conventional CFH. When designing the anthropomorphic robot hand, p-CFH was appropriately deformed and applied. Using an underactuated wire mechanism suitable for the structure of the robot hand, it was possible to grasp objects of various shapes in a shape-adaptive manner. It was confirmed that the final anthropomorphic robot hand was able to stably hold an object of an unspecified shape without precisely controlling the motor. And the robot hand can also hold a heavy object due to the increased rigidity of the p-CFH. In addition, by conducting the qualitative impact test in which the robot was subjected to an impact in an arbitrary direction, it was confirmed that the robot, due to compliance of the joints, can absorb impact without incurring damage. Finally, a quantitative impact test was conducted in all directions, and the shock absorbing capability of anthropomorphic robot hand was verified through numerical comparison with the control model. © Copyright 2022, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers 2022.
Mary Ann Liebert Inc.
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  • 윤동원 Yun, Dongwon 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Biomimetic Robot; Soft Robotics; Robot elementary technology : Sensors and actuators; Study on the medical application; Study on the industrial application
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