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New Radiation Robot Design for Reduced Surgery Time and High Accuracy

New Radiation Robot Design for Reduced Surgery Time and High Accuracy
Translated Title
짧은 수술시간과 높은 정확도를 위한 새로운 방사선 로봇 디자인
Seo, Geun Han
DGIST Authors
Seo, Geun Han; Chang, Pyung Hun; Gezgin, Erkin
Chang, Pyung Hun
Gezgin, Erkin
Issue Date
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2015. 8
Stereotactic radiosurgeryGammaknifeCyberknifeBeam on/off timeBeam accuracy
Recently, the methods of cancer treatment have been developed. The stereotactic radiosurgery is one of the cancer treatment methods. Gammaknife and the cyberknife system which are the devices of the stereotactic radiosurgery use the radiation beam to remove the tumor in the human body. In this paper, the issues of the stereotactic radiosurgery will be dealt with. The first issue is the surgery time. The surgery time of the stereotactic radiosurgery is 30min to 90min, and the young and old groups of the patients are hard to undergo surgery more than 40min, so the surgery time have to be reduced. The second issue is the beam accuracy. The organs or normal tissues are also affected by radiation beam during the surgery. If they receives radiation energy beam more than they can endure, they lose their own function, so the accurate beam is needed. In this paper, the new radiation robot will be introduced. This new robot has several structural characteristics. : 1) 2 robot manipulators and 2 LINACs, 2) each robot manipulator has 2DOF, 3) LINACs are always targeting the central point, 4) upper and lower robot manipulators are operated independently. By using this new robot which has several structural characteristics, the issues of the radiosurgery will be dealt with. ⓒ 2015 DGIST
Table Of Contents
1.INTRODUCTION 1 -- 1.1 Radiosurgery 1 -- 1.1.1 Gammaknife 2 -- 1.1.2 Cyberknife 3 -- 1.2 Purpose of research 4 -- 2. NEW RADIATION ROBOT 6 -- 2.1 Structural characteristics of new radiation robot 6 -- 2.2 Mathematical equations of new radiation robot 8 -- 3. EXPERIMENT AND RESULT 13 -- 3.1 Reduced surgery time 13 -- 3.1.1 Case 1: use 1 LINAC (Upper LINAC) 15 -- 3.1.2 Case 2: use 2 LINACs (Upper LINAC and lower LINAC) 16 -- 3.2 High accuracy 18 -- 3.2.1 Case 1: Cyberknife KUKA kr240-2 (6DOF) 21 -- 3.2.2 Case 2: The new radiation robot (2DOF) 23 -- 4. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION 24 -- 4.1 Discussion 24 -- 4.2 Conclusion 25 -- APPENDICES 27 -- REFERENCES 29
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