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Numerical analysis of ZMP based biped walking model with different stiffness of ankle and toe joint

Numerical analysis of ZMP based biped walking model with different stiffness of ankle and toe joint
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ZMP 기반의 이족 보행 모델을 이용한 관절 강성 변화로 인한 보행 변화의 수학적 해석
Nam, Dong Woo
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Nam, Dong WooSang Jun MoonLee, Jong Soo
Sang Jun Moon
Lee, Jong Soo
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2016. 2
ZMP based biped walking modeljoint stiffnessjoint torqueZMP 보행 모델관절 회전력지면 반력관절 강성
Natural walking has large needs in many ways, for example, amputees that lost their lower limb. Amputees cannot walk well with their conventional prosthesis because of lack of muscle. This causes not suitable motion of ankle and toe joint during their walking. To walk naturally like normal people, actuation of muscle is needed because this generates variable joint stiffness of ankle and toe joints. Joint stiffness, which is the most important component that can control the position of foot and toe during walking. Repeatedly, with joint stiffness change, the movement of human body during walking can be changed in form of natural walking like normal people. In this study, the change of whole body movement during walking through walking direction will be dealt with ZMP based biped walking model. In the condition of fixed joint angle change, joint torque change can be dealt with only the change of joint stiffness. Also in terms of acceleration of human body can be changed when varied torque is considered. Finally, by variation of acceleration term, the movement of human body is changed similar to real human motion. ⓒ 2016 DGIST
Table Of Contents
1 Introduction 1 --
1.1 Needs and understand of natural walking 1 --
1.2 Role of ankle and toe joint during walking 4 --
1.3 Importance of joint stiffness 5 --
1.4 Previous study and hypothesis 6 --
2. Materials and methods 9 --
2.1 Kinematic description of walking model 9 --
2.2 Kinetic description of walking model 11 --
2.3 Trajectory analysis of walking model 14 --
2.4 Joint Angle regeneration for suggested walking model 16 --
2.5 Numerical analysis 19 --
2.6 Walking model simulation 20 --
2.7 Experiment setup 21 --
3. Results 24 --
3.1 Trajectory calculation results 24 --
3.1.1 CoM trajectory 24 --
3.1.2 Ankle joint trajectory 26 --
3.1.3 Toe joint trajectory 26 --
3.2 Ground reaction force calculation results 29 --
3.2.1 X directional ground reaction force 29 --
3.2.2 Z directional ground reaction force 30 --
3.3 ZMP trajectory calculation 32 --
4. Discussion 34 --
5. Conclusion 37 --
Appendices 39 --
References 43
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  • 이종수 Lee, Jong-Soo 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests Design of new type of multifunctional nanoparticles for energy-related devices; 다기능성 나노재료; 무기물 태양전지; 열전소자
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