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Ultrasonic blood flowmeter with a novel Xero algorithm for a mechanical circulatory support system

Ultrasonic blood flowmeter with a novel Xero algorithm for a mechanical circulatory support system
Lew, Hah MinShin, HeeanLee, Moon HwanYoun, SangyeonKim, Hee ChanHwang, Jae Youn
DGIST Authors
Lew, Hah Min; Shin, Heean; Lee, Moon Hwan; Youn, Sangyeon; Kim, Hee Chan; Hwang, Jae Youn
Issue Date
Ultrasonics, 115(106457), 1-13
Author Keywords
Cross-correlationMechanical circulatory support systemUltrasonic blood flowmeterXeroZero-crossing
Cross correlationsFluid temperaturesMechanical circulatory support systemNoninvasive measurementsNovel algorithmBloodFlow measurementFlowmetersAdvanced ultrasonicsContinuous monitoringConventional algorithms
Mechanical circulatory support systems (MCSSs) are crucial devices for transplants in patients with heart failure. The blood flowing through the MCSS can be recirculated or even stagnated in the event of critical blood flow issues. To avoid emergencies due to abnormal changes in the flow, continuous changes of the flowrate should be measured with high accuracy and robustness. For better flowrate measurements, a more advanced ultrasonic blood flowmeter (UFM), which is a noninvasive measurement tool, is needed. In this paper, we propose a novel UFM sensor module using a novel algorithm (Xero) that can exploit the advantages of both conventional cross-correlation (Xcorr) and zero-crossing (Zero) algorithms, using only the zero-crossing-based algorithm. To ensure the capability of our own developed and optimized ultrasonic sensor module for MCSSs, the accuracy, robustness, and continuous monitoring performance of the proposed algorithm were compared to those of conventional algorithms after application to the developed sensor module. The results show that Xero is superior to other algorithms for flowrate measurements under different environments and offers an error rate of at least 0.92%, higher robustness for changing fluid temperatures than conventional algorithms, and sensitive responses to sudden changes in flowrates. Thus, the proposed UFM system with Xero has a great potential for flowrate measurements in MCSSs. © 2021
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  • Author Hwang, Jae Youn MBIS(Multimodal Biomedical Imaging and System) Laboratory
  • Research Interests Multimodal Imaging; High-Frequency Ultrasound Microbeam; Ultrasound Imaging and Analysis; 스마트 헬스케어; Biomedical optical system
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Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceMBIS(Multimodal Biomedical Imaging and System) Laboratory1. Journal Articles

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