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dc.contributor.advisor 최홍수 - Junyoung Kim - 2022-07-07T02:29:18Z - 2022-07-07T02:29:18Z - 2021 -
dc.identifier.uri en_US
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dc.description.statementofresponsibility N -
dc.description.tableofcontents Ⅰ. Introduction
I.1. Functional electrical stimulation (FES) for paralyzed patients 1
I.2. Human joint impedance control with functional electrical stimulation 1
I.3. Joint control with antagonistic muscle co-contraction 2
I.4. Clinical-friendly functional electrical stimulation controller 3
I.5. Objectives of the thesis 3
II. Design of an impedance controller
II.1. Robust impedance control with time delay estimation (TDE) for human ankle joint 5
II.2. Antagonistic muscle co-contraction allocator (AMCA) 7
II.3. Implementation of controller 11
II.4. The validity of the stiffness-based time delay estimation 13
II.5. Alteration of the desired intrinsic stiffness 15
III. Experimental Evaluation
III.1. Environmental setup 17
III.2. Protocol 18
III.3. Control results: Step response 23
III.4. Control results: Disturbance response 27
IV. Effect of damping control: Compared with stiffness control
IV.1. The necessity of the damping during impedance control 31
IV.2. Experiment with various damping 32
V. Toward optimal co-contraction during impedance control
V.1. The trade-off between long-term usage and higher intrinsic stiffness level for better functional restoration 35
V.2. Experiment with changing the intrinsic stiffness level during control 35
VI. Effect of intrinsic stiffness on control performance
VI.1. Verification of the pure effect of the intrinsic stiffness modulation 37
VI.2. Experiment with common static control gain 37
VII. Discussions and conclusions
VII.1. Summary 39
VII.2. Effect of the antagonistic muscle co-contraction 39
VII.3. Limitations and suggestions for future works 40
A1. Stability analysis of the impedance controller 42
A2. Effect of the open-loop pulsewidth calculation model 44
A3. Design of inverted pendulum apparatus 48
A4. Pre-experiment sessions 51
References 54
dc.format.extent 59 -
dc.language eng -
dc.publisher DGIST -
dc.subject Functional electrical stimulation (FES), Impedance control, Antagonistic co-contraction, Standing balance, Rehabilitation, 기능적 전기 자극 (FES), 임피던스 제어, 길항근 공동수축, 기립 균형, 재활 -
dc.title Impedance Control of Human Ankle Joint via Electrically Evoked Antagonistic Muscle Co-contraction -
dc.title.alternative 전기적으로 유도된 길항근 공동 수축을 통한 인체 발목 관절의 임피던스 제어 -
dc.type Thesis -
dc.identifier.doi 10.22677/thesis.200000364984 - Doctor -
dc.contributor.department Robotics Engineering -
dc.contributor.coadvisor Jonghyun Kim - 2021/02 -
dc.publisher.location Daegu -
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dc.citation XT.RD 김76 202102 -
dc.contributor.alternativeDepartment 로봇공학전공 -
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dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Junyoung Kim -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Hongsoo Choi -
dc.contributor.affiliatedAuthor Jonghyun Kim -
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dc.contributor.alternativeName Hongsoo Choi -
dc.contributor.alternativeName 김종현 -
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