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Towards a critical understanding of the photosystem II repair mechanism and its regulation during stress conditions

Towards a critical understanding of the photosystem II repair mechanism and its regulation during stress conditions
Nath, KrishnaJajoo, AnjanaPoudyal, Roshan SharmaTimilsina, RupakPark, Yu ShinAro, Eva-MariNam, Hong GilLee, C. -H.
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Nam, Hong Gil
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A 32kDa PSII Reaction Center Protein Which Involves in PSII RepairAbiotic StressAmino Terminal SequenceBacterial ProteinChlorophyllCore ProteinCyanobacteriumCyt b6fCytochrome b6f ComplexD1Electron TransportEnergy Depending QuenchingEnergy TransferEnvironmental StressEnzyme AnalysisHigh LightHigh TemperatureHLIlluminationLHCIILightLight-Harvesting Complex IiLight DamageLight IntensityModels, BiologicalMolecular DynamicsMolecular MechanicsNADPHNicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide PhosphateNon-HumanNon-Photochemical QuenchingNPQOECOxygen Evolving ComplexPhosphatasePhosphorylationPhosphotransferasePhotodamage and Psii Repair CyclePhotoinhibitionPhotoinhibitory QuenchingPhotooxidationPhotosystem IPhotosystem IIPhotosystem II Protein ComplexPlant RegenerationPlant TissuePlantsPriority JournalProteases and D1 Protein DegradationProtein D1Protein DegradationProtein DephosphorylationProtein FunctionProtein MetabolismProtein PhosphorylationProtein StructureProtein SynthesisProteinasePSIPSIIqEqIqTQuenching Related to State TransitionsRadiation ResponseRCReaction CenterReactive Oxygen MetaboliteReactive Oxygen Species (ROS)Regulatory MechanismReviewROSSTN8 Kinase and PSII Core Proteins PhosphorylationStress, PhysiologicalStructure AnalysisSunlight ProtectionTEMTemperature SensitivityThylakoidsTransmission Electron MicroscopeUltra-Violet RadiationUltra-Violet Radiation BUltraviolet B RadiationUnclassified DrugUV-BVegetable Protein
Photosystem II (PSII) is vulnerable to high light (HL) illumination resulting in photoinhibition. In addition to photoprotection mechanisms, plants have developed an efficient PSII repair mechanism to save themselves from irreversible damage to PSII under abiotic stresses including HL illumination. The phosphorylation/dephosphorylation cycle along with subsequent degradation of photodamaged D1 protein to be replaced by the insertion of a newly synthesized copy of D1 into the PSII complex, is the core function of the PSII repair cycle. The exact mechanism of this process is still under discussion. We describe the recent progress in identifying the kinases, phosphatases and proteases, and in understanding their involvement in the maintenance of thylakoid structure and the quality control of proteins by PSII repair cycle during photoinhibition. © 2013 Federation of European Biochemical Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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