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Mechanical frequency selectivity of an artificial basilar membrane using a beam array with narrow supports

Mechanical frequency selectivity of an artificial basilar membrane using a beam array with narrow supports
Kim, SangwonSong, Won JoonJang, JongmoonJang, JeongHunChoi, Hongsoo
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Kim, SangwonJang, JongmoonChoi, Hongsoo
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Artificial CochleasElectro-MechanicalEngineeringFinite-Element MethodFrequency SelectivityLateral DeformationMechanical FrequencyMicromechanicsOne-Dimensional ArraysResonance FrequenciesScanning Laser-Doppler Vibrometer
The study presented in this paper assessed the frequency selectivity of an artificial basilar membrane (ABM) constructed using a piezoelectric beam array with narrow supports. Three ABM samples were constructed. Each ABM contained 16 beams with various lengths in a one-dimensional array. To experimentally assess the frequency selectivity of the ABM, mechanical vibration induced either by an electrical or an acoustic stimulus was measured with a scanning laser-Doppler vibrometer. The electro-mechanical and acousto-mechanical transfer functions were defined for the same purpose. The tonotopy of each beam array was visualized by post-processing the experimental results. Finite element analyses were conducted to numerically compute the resonance frequencies, identify the associated vibrational modes, and evaluate the harmonic responses of the beams. The influence of the residual stresses existing in the beams was reflected in the geometric models by introducing three different levels of arc-shaped lateral deformations in the beams. The harmonic analyses revealed that each beam of the ABM samples presented independent band-pass characteristics. The experiments and simulations commonly showed a frequency selectivity of the fabricated ABMs in the range of 2-20 kHz. Therefore, the device is suitable for development of a totally implantable artificial cochlea, implementing a mechanical frequency analyzer. This work is part of research to develop a prototype of a totally implantable artificial cochlea. © 2013 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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  • 최홍수 Choi, Hongsoo 로봇및기계전자공학과
  • Research Interests Micro/Nano robot; Neural prostheses; MEMS; BMI; MEMS/NEMS; BioMEMS; MEMS 초음파 트랜스듀스; 인공와우
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