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Quantitative EEG evaluation of multimedia intervention program for ADHD children

Quantitative EEG evaluation of multimedia intervention program for ADHD children
Lee, Seung HyunAn, Jin Ung
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An, Jin Ung
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Conference Paper
This paper deals with a quantitative evaluation for the therapeutic efficacy of a multimedia intervention program applied to ADHD children to improve their cognitive awareness. The multimedia intervention program consisted of 3 levels in which children can carry out several tasks for focusing attention, sustaining attention, and selective attention. The program was made up of 13 sessions over 24 weeks. Each session took 20 minutes. Four ADHD children between ages from 10 to 12 participated in the program. All of sessions were recorded by 8 channel EEG electrodes which were capped in prefrontal lobe. EEG records were processed by the multilevel discrete wavelet decompositions and independent component analysis (ICA). De-noised signals through the wavelet decomposition were input to the ICA for classifying the independent features. This paper chose theta wave as an evaluation measure for therapeutic improvement. After finishing the program, the overall spectral density of theta wave was decreased as compared with before-procedure. Individual difference of theta waves did not appear all over the experimental results considerably. The proposed multimedia intervention program had evaluated qualitatively [1]. The results showed that the proposed evaluation method can be helpful to quantitatively measure the therapeutic effectiveness of the multimedia intervention program for ADHD children. Copyright © 2011 ACM.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
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