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Cell Deformation by Single-beam Acoustic Trapping: A Promising Tool for Measurements of Cell Mechanics

Cell Deformation by Single-beam Acoustic Trapping: A Promising Tool for Measurements of Cell Mechanics
Hwang, JY[Hwang, Jae Youn]Kim, J[Kim, Jihun]Park, JM[Park, Jin Man]Lee, C[Lee, Changyang]Jung, H[Jung, Hayong]Lee, J[Lee, Jungwoo]Shung, KK[Shung, K. Kirk]
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Hwang, JY[Hwang, Jae Youn]; Kim, J[Kim, Jihun]; Park, JM[Park, Jin Man]
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Scientific Reports, 6
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We demonstrate a noncontact single-beam acoustic trapping method for the quantification of the mechanical properties of a single suspended cell with label-free. Experimentally results show that the single-beam acoustic trapping force results in morphological deformation of a trapped cell. While a cancer cell was trapped in an acoustic beam focus, the morphological changes of the immobilized cell were monitored using bright-field imaging. The cell deformability was then compared with that of a trapped polystyrene microbead as a function of the applied acoustic pressure for a better understanding of the relationship between the pressure and degree of cell deformation. Cell deformation was found to become more pronounced as higher pressure levels were applied. Furthermore, to determine if this acoustic trapping method can be exploited in quantifying the cell mechanics in a suspension and in a non-contact manner, the deformability levels of breast cancer cells with different degrees of invasiveness due to acoustic trapping were compared. It was found that highly-invasive breast cancer cells exhibited greater deformability than weakly-invasive breast cancer cells. These results clearly demonstrate that the single-beam acoustic trapping technique is a promising tool for non-contact quantitative assessments of the mechanical properties of single cells in suspensions with label-free.
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  • Author Hwang, Jae Youn MBIS(Multimodal Biomedical Imaging and System) Laboratory
  • Research Interests Multimodal Imaging; High-Frequency Ultrasound Microbeam; Ultrasound Imaging and Analysis; 스마트 헬스케어
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