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Neurobiology and cultivation of olfactory receptor neurons on a chip

Neurobiology and cultivation of olfactory receptor neurons on a chip
Moon, CheilKim, SamhwanBae, JisubRonnett, Gabriele V.
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Moon, Cheil
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The continued study of the olfactory system is essential, as elucidation of its molecular, cellular, and systems neurobiology will undoubtedly reveal a complex interplay that transduces odorant molecule-induced action potentials into odor information processes in the brain such as the mediation of emotion, memory and behavior. Additionally, interest in the olfactory system and its potential applications in the industrial and engineering fields continue to increase. In this chapter, we describe various aspects of olfactory cells ranging from their cellular structures and functions to the development of olfactory cell cultivation methods and the application of cultivated olfactory cells and bio-engineered cells to various types of bioelectronic devices. These applications may ultimately facilitate the development of biomimetic artificial noses. © 2014 Springer Science+Business Media Dordrecht.
Springer Netherlands
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  • 문제일 Moon, Cheil 뇌과학과
  • Research Interests Brain convergent science based on chemical senses; olfaction; 감각신경계 기반 뇌융합과학; 후각 신경계
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