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Border Control-A Membrane-Linked Interactome of Arabidopsis

Border Control-A Membrane-Linked Interactome of Arabidopsis
Jones, AM[Jones, Alexander M.]Xuan, YH[Xuan, Yuanhu]Xu, M[Xu, Meng]Wang, RS[Wang, Rui-Sheng]Ho, CH[Ho, Cheng-Hsun]Lalonde, S[Lalonde, Sylvie]You, CH[You, Chang Hun]Sardi, MI[Sardi, Maria I.]Parsa, SA[Parsa, Saman A.]Smith-Valle, E[Smith-Valle, Erika]Su, TY[Su, Tianying]Frazer, KA[Frazer, Keith A.]Pilot, G[Pilot, Guillaume]Pratelli, R[Pratelli, Rejane]Grossmann, G[Grossmann, Guido]Acharya, BR[Acharya, Biswa R.]Hu, HC[Hu, Heng-Cheng]Engineer, C[Engineer, Cawas]Villiers, F[Villiers, Florent]Ju, CL[Ju, Chuanli]Takeda, K[Takeda, Kouji]Su, Z[Su, Zhao]Dong, QF[Dong, Qunfeng]Assmann, SM[Assmann, Sarah M.]Chen, J[Chen, Jin]Kwak, JM[Kwak, June M.]Schroeder, JI[Schroeder, Julian I.]Albert, R[Albert, Reka]Rhee, SY[Rhee, Seung Y.]Frommer, WB[Frommer, Wolf B.]
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Kwak, JM[Kwak, June M.]
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Abscisic Acid (ABA)AngiospermAquaporinArabidopsisArabidopsis ProteinArabidopsis ProteinsBiological Phenomena and Functions Concerning the Entire OrganismBrassinolideBrassinosteroidCell MembraneEnzyme ActivityFunctional GenomicsGene ExpressionGeneticsGreen Fluorescent ProteinGuanine Nucleotide Binding ProteinHeterotrimeric Guanine Nucleotide Binding ProteinHormoneMembraneMembrane ProteinMembrane ProteinsMembrane ReceptorMetabolismNon-HumanOligomerizationPlantPotassium ChannelPriority JournalProteinProtein FamilyProtein InteractionProtein Interaction MapsProtein Protein InteractionProtein Serine Threonine KinaseProtein SubunitSignal TransductionSignalingSolute TransportSpaceTwo-Hybrid SystemTwo-Hybrid System TechniquesUbiquitinYeast
Cellular membranes act as signaling platforms and control solute transport. Membrane receptors, transporters, and enzymes communicate with intracellular processes through protein-protein interactions. Using a split-ubiquitin yeast two-hybrid screen that covers a test-space of 6.4 × 106 pairs, we identified 12,102 membrane/signaling protein interactions from Arabidopsis. Besides confirmation of expected interactions such as heterotrimeric G protein subunit interactions and aquaporin oligomerization, >99% of the interactions were previously unknown. Interactions were confirmed at a rate of 32% in orthogonal in planta split-green flourescent protein interaction assays, which was statistically indistinguishable from the confirmation rate for known interactions collected from literature (38%). Regulatory associations in membrane protein trafficking, turnover, and phosphorylation include regulation of potassium channel activity through abscisic acid signaling, transporter activity by a WNK kinase, and a brassinolide receptor kinase by trafficking-related proteins. These examples underscore the utility of the membrane/signaling protein interaction network for gene discovery and hypothesis generation in plants and other organisms.
American Association for the Advancement of Science
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  • 곽준명 Kwak, June Myoung 뉴바이올로지학과
  • Research Interests Calcium Signaling; ABA;ROS Signaling; plant development; Development of Abscission; Culluar Features; Signaling network; Environmental Regulation
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