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Magnetic imaging with full-field soft X-ray microscopies

Magnetic imaging with full-field soft X-ray microscopies
Fischer, P[Fischer, Peter]Im, MY[Im, Mi-Young]Baldasseroni, C[Baldasseroni, Chloe]Bordel, C[Bordel, Catherine]Hellman, F[Hellman, Frances]Lee, JS[Lee, Jong-Soo]Fadley, CS[Fadley, Charles S.]
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Lee, JS[Lee, Jong-Soo]
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DichroismElectric FieldsFresnel Zone PlateFresnel Zone PlatesInterconnection NetworksMagnetic DichroismMagnetic MaterialsMesoscaleMesoscale MagnetismNanomagneticsPhotoelectron MicroscopyPhotoelectron SpectroscopyPolymer BlendsSoft X-Ray SpectromicroscopySpin DynamicsSunX-PEEMX-Ray Magnetic DichroismX Ray MicroscopesX Rays
Progress toward a fundamental understanding of magnetism continues to be of great scientific interest and high technological relevance. To control magnetization on the nanoscale, external magnetic fields and spin polarized currents are commonly used. In addition, novel concepts based on spin manipulation by electric fields or photons are emerging which benefit from advances in tailoring complex magnetic materials. Although the nanoscale is at the very origin of magnetic behavior, there is a new trend toward investigating mesoscale magnetic phenomena, thus adding complexity and functionality, both of which will become crucial for future magnetic devices. Advanced analytical tools are thus needed for the characterization of magnetic properties spanning the nano- to the meso-scale. Imaging magnetic structures with high spatial and temporal resolution over a large field of view and in three dimensions is therefore a key challenge. A variety of spectromicroscopic techniques address this challenge by taking advantage of variable-polarization soft X-rays, thus enabling X-ray dichroism effects provide magnetic contrast. These techniques are also capable of quantifying in an element-, valence- and site-sensitive way the basic properties of ferro(i)- and antiferro-magnetic systems, such as spin and orbital moments, spin configurations from the nano- to the meso-scale and spin dynamics with sub-ns time resolution. This paper reviews current achievements and outlines future trends with one of these spectromicroscopies, magnetic full field transmission soft X-ray microscopy (MTXM) using a few selected examples of recent research on nano- and meso-scale magnetic phenomena. The complementarity of MTXM to X-ray photoemission electron microscopy (X-PEEM) is also emphasized. © 2013 Elsevier B.V.
Elsevier B.V.
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  • 이종수 Lee, Jong-Soo 에너지공학과
  • Research Interests Design of new type of multifunctional nanoparticles for energy-related devices; 다기능성 나노재료; 무기물 태양전지; 열전소자
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