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Reaction Mechanism & Structural Dynamics (RMSD) Lab is recruiting undergraduate and graduate students who would like to collaborate on research.
If you are curious about or interested in learning more about the relevant field, please feel free to email me.
If you would like to learn more about the research we are currently conducting in our lab, please take a look at the "Publications" tab or the research achievements listed on Google Scholar.

◆ Our Researches
The most intuitive approach to unveiling reaction mechanisms is real-time tracking of the three-dimensional structure of molecules involved in a chemical reaction. We utilize time-resolved x-ray scattering to visualize the structural changes of molecules, capturing a dynamic “molecular movie”, which allows us to identify precise reaction pathways and mechanisms. This method is not limited to small molecules but can also be applied to macromolecules such as proteins, enabling real-time tracking of structural changes in proteins during biologically-relevant reactions. Our ultimate goal is to provide fundamental information on the mechanism of various chemical reactions, which can be valuable for optimizing catalytic efficiency and controlling reaction products. Furthermore, by elucidating the correlation between protein structure and function, we can also gain insights into various biological phenomena and diseases caused by abnormal protein interactions.

Advisor Professor : Kim, Jong Goo
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