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Precursor designs for Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) thin-film solar cells

Precursor designs for Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) thin-film solar cells
Yang, Kee-JeongSim, Jun-HyoungSon, Dae-HoKim, Young-IllKim, Dae-HwanNam, DahyunCheong, HyeonsikKim, SeongYeonKim, JunHoKang, Jin-Kyu
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Nano Energy, v.35, pp.52 - 61
Author Keywords
Thin-film solar cellCZTSSeMulti-stacked precursorDefectSecondary phase
Thin Film Solar CellAbsorbersCu2ZnSnS4 FilmsCZTSSeDefectInterfaceMulti Stacked PrecursorPerformanceEfficiencyGrowthImpactPhase FormationSecondary PhaseSulfur ContentSulfurization
To commercialize Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)(4) (CZTSSe) thin-film solar cells, it is necessary to improve their efficiency and to develop the technological ability to produce large-area modules. Defect formation due to the secondary phase is considered to be one of the main reasons for decreased CZTSSe thin-film solar-cell efficiency. This study explores the potential capabilities of large-area thin-film solar cells by controlling the defect formation using various CZTSSe precursor designs, and by improving the characteristic uniformity within the thin-film solar cells. Alloying the precursor as a stack of discrete layers can result in lateral segregation of elements into stable-phase islands, yielding a non-uniform composition on small length scales. It is found that the application of an indiscrete layer by minimizing the precursor-layer thickness allows avoiding Zn rich inhomogeneities in the absorber that would favor formation of detrimental ZnS-ZnSe secondary phases and deep defects. Among the various precursor layers designed by considering the reaction mechanism under annealing, a sample with 15 precursor layers is found to exhibit a shallow electron-acceptor energy level, high photovoltaic conversion efficiency, and uniform characteristics over the corresponding thin-film solar cell. Based on such improvements in both the efficiency and characteristic distribution, it is expected that the commercialization of CZTSSe thin-film solar cells can be advanced.
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