Laboratory Animal Resource Center8

The laboratory animal center is an essential facility supporting the biotechnological-related field which is one of 10 most advanced scientific technologies in the 21st century. The Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LARC) is the most important public infrastructure facility supporting animal-research which steadily provides laboratory animals required for biotechnological-related research and the convergence technology development. The center serves all bio-related departments in DGIST with breeding animals, managing animal care, developing and maintaining stains so that the animal experiments for research and study that relate to bio and convergence technology development can be properly implemented. In addition, the center seeks to help researchers with their convenience by providing easy access in bringing out their best results by assisting basic commercial research using bio-imaging and behavioral analysis research-infra. The department also contributes to the acceleration of local industry and furthers national advancement in accordance with our established goals by building public facilities utilized not only in DGIST, but also in international institutes and companies.