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Titania nanofibers as a photo-antenna for dye-sensitized solar hydrogen

Titania nanofibers as a photo-antenna for dye-sensitized solar hydrogen
Choi, Sung KyuKim, SoonhyunRyu, JunghoLim, Sang KyooPark, Hyunwoong
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Kim, SoonhyunLim, Sang Kyoo
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ChemistryColoring AgentColoring AgentsEosinEosine Yellowish-(YS)HydrogenHydrogen-Ion ConcentrationMetal NanoparticleMetal NanoparticlesNanofiberNanofiberspHSunlightTitaniumTitanium DioxideWater
Directionally grown TiO 2 nano-architectures can serve as effective platforms for photogenerated charges to flow vectorially through the architecture framework, promising an unexpectedly high efficiency. This study demonstrates that directionally aligned TiO 2 nanofibers (TNF) obtained via a simple rearrangement of randomly scattered TiO 2 nanoparticles (TNP) exhibit significantly enhanced activity in terms of hydrogen production from water under visible light (λ > 420 nm). It has been found that Eosin Y (EY)-sensitized hydrogen production with TNF is greater than those with TNP and commercial TiO 2 samples (Degussa P25 and Hombikat UV-100) by a factor of 7 and >140, respectively, in the presence of triethanolamine (TEOA) as an electron donor. The annealing of TNF at elevated temperatures reduces the amount of H 2 produced and changes various physicochemical properties. Attempts have been made to find correlation factors between hydrogen production and reaction parameters (e.g., pH-dependent EY adsorption, surface area, pore size, particle size, and anatase-to-rutile ratio), none of which have provided an apparent correlation. It was suggested that the interparticle electron transfer is facilitated when TiO 2 nanoparticles are physically interconnected, and TNF might work as a robust photo-antenna for efficiently collecting the photogenerated electrons. The photocurrent measurements in visible light-irradiated EY/TiO 2 suspensions indicate that the photocurrent of TNF is 50% higher than that of TNP, supporting the photo-antenna mechanism of TNF. © 2012 The Royal Society of Chemistry and Owner Societies.
Royal Society of Chemistry
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