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A Reconfigurable FIR Filter Architecture to Trade Off Filter Performance for Dynamic Power Consumption

A Reconfigurable FIR Filter Architecture to Trade Off Filter Performance for Dynamic Power Consumption
Lee, Seok-JaeChoi, Ji-WoongKim, Seon WookPark, Jongsun
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Choi, Ji-Woong
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Approximate FilteringArchitectural ApproachArea OverheadConventional ApproachDegradationDynamic Power ConsumptionEconomic and Social EffectsFilter ArchitectureFilter CoefficientsFilter PerformanceFinite Impulse Response FilterFIR FiltersImpulse ResponseInput DatasLarge AmplitudeLow PowerLow Power FilterMathematical AnalysisPerformance DegradationPower SavingsProposed ArchitecturesRe-ConfigurableRe-Configurable DesignTrade off
This paper presents an architectural approach to the design of low power reconfigurable finite impulse response (FIR) filter. The approach is well suited when the filter order is fixed and not changed for particular applications, and efficient trade-off between power savings and filter performance can be made using the proposed architecture. Generally, FIR filter has large amplitude variations in input data and coefficients. Considering the amplitude of both the filter coefficients and inputs, the proposed FIR filter dynamically changes the filter order. Mathematical analysis on power savings and filter performance degradation and its experimental results show that the proposed approach achieves significant power savings without seriously compromising the filter performance. The power savings is up to 41.9% with minor performance degradation, and the area overhead of the proposed scheme is less than 5.3% compared to the conventional approach. © 2006 IEEE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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  • 최지웅 Choi, Ji-Woong 전기전자컴퓨터공학과
  • Research Interests Communication System; Signal Processing; Communication Circuit Design; 생체 신호 통신 및 신호 처리; 뇌-기계 인터페이스(BMI); 차세대 교차계층 통신 및 신호 처리; 5G 모바일 통신
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