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Test methods of the AUTOSAR application software components

Test methods of the AUTOSAR application software components
Park, GwangminKum, DaehyunLee, SeonghunWon, Woong-JaeJung, Wooyoung
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Kum, DaehyunLee, SeonghunJung, Wooyoung
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Conference Paper
The AUTOSAR, an open and standardized automotive software platform, provides a software architecture that can develop automotive software components independent from specific base-hardware and operating systems. Therefore application system developers are able to focus on the implementation of software functionality regardless of variant ECU hardware and operating systems. As a consequence, the overall quality of the software can be improved, and a software development process can also be simplified throughout the whole software lifecycle. In addition, to estimate and test the functional aspects in a developed AUTOSAR system, the quality and reliability become an important issue. It is possible to make rapid prototyping in accordance with sequential dynamic tests, such as white-box test and black-box test, to validate the functional logic of AUTOSAR software components. This paper will present test methods for the validation of AUTOSAR software components created by model-based design. Afterwards, the practical test and validation of the model, along with the AUTOSAR-compliant software, are demonstrated based on the DPS (Driver Positioning System) application system. © 2009 SICE.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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